What do PDR Technicians do?

The PDR technician is a person who is trained with special skills to repair dents without the need of respraying a vehicle. Most PDR technicians are mobile travelling around chasing hailstorms and this provides a bulk of their work. Because of the lucrative nature of this specific job, some PDR Technicians have set themselves up to travel not only in their own country but around the world! As you may be aware, the northern and southern hemisphere have opposite seasons and this enables a so called second season for PDR technicians to chase hail.

Nevertheless, what PDR Technicians wait for are the announcements for or predictions of hailstorms, their outcomes and the prospect of available work. They then must decide the feasibility of working in the affected area. PDR technicians have to make this decisions often within hours to a day or two or they may miss the main contracts. Once in though, their could be great opportunities. Travelling around and making these decisions isn't without risk however.