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PDR Technician pushing dent

PDR Technician pushing dent

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How much does a PDR Technician earn?

Good question - this is something most do not know about but sources suggest that on a typical day during a hailstorm, a PDR technician averages about $2000 per day. Out of season, with a good set of contacts, they still earn a substantial income.

Take into account on a per dent basis. Paintless dent removal technicians charge $60 to $80 per dent or slightly less on a number of dents. All in all, the pdr technicians can charge $100 to $200 per customer on a typical light job and they could do several jobs per day removing such dents. Even at 4 to 5 jobs per day, that can average out at $800 to $1000 per day out of hailstorm season. On a per year basis, this can be $150,000 to $250,000 per year and in a good year even more.

This secretive industry is slowly uncovering its secrets and more and more people are find out about this as a viable career change - particularly those in the panel beating industry and also those in the window tinting and other automotive industry careers. For those that wish to retrain, there seems to be a fairly reliable pdr training company and charging relatively low fees. Feel free to contact them at www.pdrtraining.com.au. They have contact details on their website.